Painted Pine Cones, Cake Stands and Colored Sea Shells

This week Candice and I decided to try to add some new decor to accent my newly painted living room and entry way. This is what we came up with using some design inspiration we've found on the internet over time. I have to thank my lovely mother-in-law aka Grandma Diana for discovering an awesome beach right near our house washed with fresh shells last Saturday morning and then going back with me to gather some of them!

This is our version of the cake stands we've seen on Pinterest and the web. We really need to get a better pic of the base because its awesome. This is two stands just sitting on top of one another and the top one isn't actually a cake stand at all but rather a divided nut/candy dish. Since we lacked a cake, we filled them with Candices' painted pine cones and shells and used it as a centerpiece. yay! total cost: 5.50

We put the rest of the shells and pine cones and shells in a basket which looks cute sitting on the console table behind my sofa but will look even once we paint the basket white and rough it up a little to give it that aged look. total cost : Free!!! all leftovers from other project and I found object basket hiding under my kitchen sink.

Last but not least, here is our rolled felt flower dollar store picture frame. We (and by we I mean Candice hehehe) spray painted the originally plain pine frame a lovely metallic almond and added our flowers. The dark ones did not show up well in the pic but are quite attractive in person. ;-) Total cost would have been under $2.60 but ours was free because all of the materials were leftovers.

We plan to use the cake stands as Christmas  gifts for a few of our favorite people here in Fernandina Beach because as a jewelry designer I am sick of giving people jewelry for gifts so I will be original this year!!

Our next venture is supposed to be lovely wreaths so stay tuned !

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