Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Featured Artist:

Hello all, its time to meet a new artist I'm excited to share with you! Her name is Diane and her business is called DK DesignsBiz.
Teresa: Hello Diane, I understand that you are a glass artist. Can you tell us a little bit about what got you started?
Diane: Back in 1998 , my sister signed us up for a glass bead making class at an art school near us and the very first night I saw all of the colored glass rods laid out on the table and it look like a crayon box, I came home that night and told my husband that I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life.....
Teresa:  How great for you! It often takes artists a long time to find their medium. So, what would you say is your favorite technique/project/creation?
Diane: There are many techniques that I have learned over the years, but I probably love making dot beads the most, I create a solid color bead and then add dots of another color and continue to add dots on top of dots, maybe 5 to 7 different layers and colors and then melt them all in, the effect is awesome !
Teresa: It certainly is! Our readers can see more of your work and even purchase by clicking the pictures next to this article. Diane, what would you say to an artist looking to learn about your particular art, glass bead/creations (also called lampwork) making?
Diane: Make sure that you take a beginning lesson from another glass bead artist that has been teaching for a good while, ask many questions when learning and practice, practice, practice !
Teresa: Good advice!  Ok, we ask everyone this one so here goes: Give us one interesting/humorous fact about yourself.
Diane:  I have a tattoo of my torch on my right forearm !
Teresa: Now that's loving your art! For our readers who aren't familiar with lampwork or glass bead making the artist works with a hand held torch to create magical glasswork. Diane, what are your future plans or DKDesigns.Biz?
Diane: To continue to learn, grow and hang in here, as I know the economy will get better !!!!
Teresa: Amen to that! We can all identify in one way or another with the lagging economy and hopes of better days to come. Thanks so much for talking with us today and we wish you all the best!
As is mentioned in the interview above, clicking the picture beside this article or clicking on the link under our fave websites will take you to Dianes online shop where you can see and purchase beautifully handcrafted works of glass art! So stop by and see for yourself! Until next time, Live and Love well my friends!


Handmade Artists' Forum and Shop said...

Great post and lovely work :D

Michael said...

The fish are cool. I am kind of interested in glass making.