Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Featured Artist:

Hello all, its time to meet a new artist I'm excited to share with you! Her name is Diane and her business is called DK DesignsBiz.
Teresa: Hello Diane, I understand that you are a glass artist. Can you tell us a little bit about what got you started?
Diane: Back in 1998 , my sister signed us up for a glass bead making class at an art school near us and the very first night I saw all of the colored glass rods laid out on the table and it look like a crayon box, I came home that night and told my husband that I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life.....
Teresa:  How great for you! It often takes artists a long time to find their medium. So, what would you say is your favorite technique/project/creation?
Diane: There are many techniques that I have learned over the years, but I probably love making dot beads the most, I create a solid color bead and then add dots of another color and continue to add dots on top of dots, maybe 5 to 7 different layers and colors and then melt them all in, the effect is awesome !
Teresa: It certainly is! Our readers can see more of your work and even purchase by clicking the pictures next to this article. Diane, what would you say to an artist looking to learn about your particular art, glass bead/creations (also called lampwork) making?
Diane: Make sure that you take a beginning lesson from another glass bead artist that has been teaching for a good while, ask many questions when learning and practice, practice, practice !
Teresa: Good advice!  Ok, we ask everyone this one so here goes: Give us one interesting/humorous fact about yourself.
Diane:  I have a tattoo of my torch on my right forearm !
Teresa: Now that's loving your art! For our readers who aren't familiar with lampwork or glass bead making the artist works with a hand held torch to create magical glasswork. Diane, what are your future plans or DKDesigns.Biz?
Diane: To continue to learn, grow and hang in here, as I know the economy will get better !!!!
Teresa: Amen to that! We can all identify in one way or another with the lagging economy and hopes of better days to come. Thanks so much for talking with us today and we wish you all the best!
As is mentioned in the interview above, clicking the picture beside this article or clicking on the link under our fave websites will take you to Dianes online shop where you can see and purchase beautifully handcrafted works of glass art! So stop by and see for yourself! Until next time, Live and Love well my friends!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Susie Q Bath and Body

Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to be doing our first artist feature today! It is with Susie Q Bath and Body from the Handmade Artists Shop and if you click on the lovely picture of the Body oils in the Reusable tin to the right of this story it will take you directly to her shop. I shopped SusieQ's and found a great variety of bath and body products for both women and men in prices that were definitely affordable! I found items priced from $5.50 to $28.00 for the Scented Locket that I just loved! So here we go with our first artist interview
Teresa: Hi Susan, how would you describe your product and your shop to our readers ?
SusieQ: I feature all Handmade bath and body products for men and women.
Teresa: Can you tell us a little about how and when you got started?
Susie Q: In 2005 I started to make body sprays for my young teenage daughter at that time to save some money. I made my first goats milk soap and it quickly turned into a passion and an addiction. In March of 2010 I opened my Etsy shop.
Teresa: That must have been exciting for you. Can you tell us which of the many products you now make and market is your favorite?
SusieQ: That is one hard for me to say. Any soap, my shower is full of them. My face does love my Nourishing Under Eye Cream that I use as an all over facial cream.
Teresa: Oooh, I think I'd like to try that! Ok SusieQ can you tell us one interesting, fun or out-of-the ordinary fact about yourself (only if you are comfortable sharing like, "I'm ambidextrous" or "I also raise Llamas" Lol
Susie Q: I have to vaccum my carpets daily, it drives me nuts to see lint or anything on the floor!
Teresa: Oh I'm with you on that one! Finally, is there anything else you'd like to tell us like maybe your plans for SusieQ Bath and Body or a future goal for your business?
SusieQ: My job is being a stay at home mom! I would love for Susie Q\'s to continue to grow, but I need to continue to work on balancing family and business.
Teresa: Thanks for sharing that with us. As a mother/business owner myself I can fully understand the balancing act of making and marketing your art and taking good care of your family. There are often just not enough hours in the day! You're doing great Susan.Thanks for your interview and keep up the good work!
And for everyone else, stop by Susie Q's Bath and Body for great products for yourself, christmas/any occasion gifts or just to have in your home! Until next time, Live and Love well today My friends!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Thank You's

Hello Friends! As many of you may know, Candice and I just participated in the Amelia Island Blues Fest and we want to thank the supporters that made our tent, Teresa Caine Jewelry Designs, a success and cute at the same time!
Kim Holwell (always our biggest supporter and counselor, resource woman, and an all around angel to me since she got me started in all this!) from Twisted Sister on Centre Street in Historic Downtown Fernandina Beach donated a ton of props, decorations and beautiful jewelry displays, floral arrangements and table cloths that made our tent absolutely darling! If you want good times and beautiful housewares, jewelry, clothing, you name it, Twisted Sisters has it. Stop in and say hi and tell them I sent you!  So where are the pictures of this lovely tent setup you ask? In my haste to do everything else, I failed to take even a single one. Yes, classic Teresa move!

We'd also like to thank Marie of The Frugal Cachet on 14th Street for lending us beautiful lighting and for actually coming out and offering to work our stand so we could have a break.
Susan Shannon also gets a big hug and a thank you for coming out and digging in to help us get all that stuff packed up and out of there! We also owe a debt to First Assembly of God Church on 14th Street for help with tables and chairs and love as well as prayers. Pastor Ed Schick and Miss Janice kept me from losing it!
So thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for making us look good and making the event a success! Live and love well my friends! 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Living Well, Being Happy and Helping Others

Hello my friends! I'm excited to announce that in addition to the great unsung heroes, beautiful stories and inspirational posts, we are adding a new way to help others. We have started featuring artists who are trying to build businesses with their handmade products. Living well and being happy for a lot of us includes a hobby, art or craft of some type. I want to support the efforts of others to market these items by linking pics of their items found on this blogspot directly to their websites. There's no charge for this. They just join our blog and they're in. We will also introduce you to each featured artist and let you get to know a bit about them.
 In our current economy, I believe it is more important than ever to support one another and at the top of the list for me are our local merchants, especially those that are hand-making good, natural products, beautiful items and tasty edibles. We have all watched local businesses go under and completely disappear over the past several years due to the state of the economy. Let's help by supporting local artists and merchants from all over the US that you'll be seeing here weekly! I guarantee you'll find great Christmas gifts and simply great  items from some very talented folks. Lets Live well and support one another friends!   

Monday, September 19, 2011

Follow-up to What would you do?

Hello All! When my son's employer was told by him that she'd been written about, she added the following info: there were two couples in the restaurant when the homeless/ill man came in. One couple got up and left, the other couple stayed and not only did they stay, THEY LEFT MONEY FOR A MEAL FOR HIM IN CASE HE EVER RETURNED. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes. How wonderful of this lovely couple. And how wonderful of Carla for sharing the rest of the story. My heart is full. Lets look out for each other, My Friends.

What would you do

My son just told me about a situation that arose at his job at the end of tonight's shift. Apparently a man who was homeless and clearly mentally ill walked into the restaurant, seated himself and when the waitress approached he only said "coffee". Unsure of how to deal with the situation (the gentleman was carrying on a vivid conversation with himself seeming to be dealing with multiple personalities) the waitress alerted the owner, Carla, who showed great compassion and humanity by serving him a coffee and a meal free of charge.
Most upscale restaurants like this one, Gennaro's on 2nd Street in Historic Downtown Fernandina would have escorted him out, at best, or had him arrested at worst. I am not condemning restaurants that take that path. But, Carla showed love and compassion for a fellow human being who clearly needed help and food. I'm writing this to say how moved I was by the way my son told me the story and the happy tear I shed when I said "so I guess they called the police?" which is what was done at his last job when a very similar situation arose. He said "no Mom, Carla came out, watched him for a minute and then took care of him". Let me state now that Gennaro's is in the business of SELLING food and NOT GIVING it away so this is in no way meant to encourage anyone to go there expecting a free meal. Rather, I'm writing this to showcase someone who did something I think was awesome, unselfish, loving and full of compassion. Carla is our hero of the day. Ask yourself if you would have done the same thing. Most people recoil from people who seem abnormal simply because you never know if that person is dangerous, etc. In doing what she did, she showed my son and the other young people working there a good example. Carla didn't react with fear or revulsion but instead acted out of the goodness of her heart and for that I give her a round of applause! Take care of one another, my friends.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

This picture is from an article called "The Rescuing Hug". The article details the first week of life of a set of twins. Each were in their respective incubators and one was not expected to live. A hospital nurse fought against the hospital rules and placed the babies in one incubator. When they were placed together, the healthier of the two threw an arm over her sister in an endearing embrace. The smaller baby's heart stabilized and temperature rose to normal

Monday, September 12, 2011

Happiness is.....New Members!

I don't always do this but today I'd like to introduce two new members. Jani is a beautiful, accomplished and very funny woman, mother and friend who I know personally and I'm proud to say is my actual cousin. Show her some love everyone because you're life will be enriched just by knowing her.She actually enjoys my level of insanity and constant mishaps.  Libby, author of Artistic Expressions by Elizabeth is a new friend and you can visit her site by clicking her link under my fave blogs and websites. DO NOT GO to her site if you are remotely hungry. I warn you from experience. You will see food there that you will passionately wish to eat only to discover (if you're like me) A) fridge is empty except for some questionably old pulled pork, and B) I am not nearly as talented or inventive in the kitchen as Libby is. Plus she crochets very cool items. Not the ones you see at church rummage sales and wonder why the heck someone made this equally unidentifiable and hideously colored very thick scary item only to  find yourself  facing the sweet little soul who made it and before you know it you are toting your new (still unidentifiable because I was too much of a coward to ask her what is was used for) item home. Such is my life. Libby's items are desirable and absolutely fab. So stop on by and see her. Live and love well my friends!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Echos: Remembering 9/11

Let me start this post by clearly stating that I am not an official source of info on the 9/11 tragedy. Obviously I knew of it when it happened and I so clearly remember standing in front of my television in complete shock. It seemed absolutely surreal. I then remember seeing images and Sting singing something later that night. I stood there again just crying in silence buckets of tears for all of those souls. For their families, their friends, their students, their neighbors, for all the futures that were cruelly snatched away. Its hard to put into words what the phrase 9/11 brings to mind even today. But I still hear stories of survivors or family members of those lost and my heart aches, and an anger burns for the senseless, horrible tragedy of that day and the repercussions of it.Think of those people today, pray for them, light a candle, observe a moment of silence, do whatever your faith or you feel appropriate. But do not forget all the brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, friends, lovers, partners, sons and daughters lost that day and send a wish for peace and comfort to their families if you feel so inclined. I know I am. I hope you'll join me. United we are strong, divided we are helpless. Appreciate your loved ones. Hug them longer, have more patience, show them more love today. Because a lot of people can't do that with one of their loved ones today. Be happy you can and give thanks. Live well my friends.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Upcoming Events

Hello again. I want to let everyone know that the Frugal Cachet will be featuring Teresa Caine Jewelry Designs at an after hours event. We are planning on getting a good crowd of jewelry, wine and cheese lovers. Part of the proceeds from this event will go to support my favorite local charity, First Assembly of God mens and womens shelters. We will be sending out email as well and traditional invites and every invitee is encouraged to bring 1-2 friends.

Now with that out of the way I want to address a few things that possibly no one but me cares about but I shall share them anyway. I found out two shockingly bad pieces of news in the past two days. Both were suicide attempts and one was successful. This has shook me all day. I'm not saying anything more could have been done in either situation because I'd never presume to think I know the inside story. What I am saying is that none of us know what others are going through. We don't know why that person seemed rude at the grocery store, why someone cut you off in traffic, why someone at work is perpetually moody or unfriendly.  That co-worker/fellow shopper/ driver could be in an abusive relationship, possibly watching a loved on die from a horrible disease, or be dealing with any number of terrible issues we don't think about at the moment when they are rude to us. That's only human. All I'm asking is, even if its just for one day, please think about that unpleasant encounter and try giving the benefit of the doubt. Let it pass. If you will, turn the other cheek. And if you're feeling really good, look a little closer and see if some small gesture of kindness, a smile, a how are you etc. makes a difference. Letting others know we care makes a difference in almost every situation. and caring about others and small acts of kindness make us better people.

And yes, I acknowledge that there are just some rude, selfish and downright nasty folks out there but we can't let them ruin how we treat every stranger we meet. Live well today. You'll reap the benefits in your own life. ;-)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Upcoming Events!

Hello All! This post is to let you all know that we will be a the Amelia Island Blues Festival  

I hope to see many of you there for the great music, fun, vendors (I'll be there as Teresa Caine Jewelry Designs) and of course to enjoy the always beautiful Amelia Island Main Beach. We will be in the grass directly facing the ocean. Jeff Malone , among others, worked really hard to make this a great event so come out, show your support and have a great time!  

And here's a sneak peek at some of the pieces I have created for the BluesFest. We will also be doing a raffle with part of the proceeds to go to First Assembly of God Mens and Womens Shelters here on the island.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jewelry Album

This is my jewelry album of some of my favorite pieces I have made. Take a look. I truly appreciate comments and feedback. Bead weaving is a passion for me and I continually work to improve my technique and to broaden my skill set. I find inspiration in the history of the stitches and from art and artists I see as well. I try to capture a little of the things I find beautiful or meaningful in each of my pieces. I hope you enjoy

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hello All! In my attempts to learn how to be a better blogger (I'm new remember?) I've added a new way for you to follow the blog by clicking the title of this post. Thanks to the people who are reading whether they join or not and thanks to those who have joined. I plan to add a Lovely's post at least once a week so look out for that. It's a fun way to celebrate others and to sometimes gift someone with something I've made, upcycled or designed. Celebrate yourself today! Why don't you try....singing your favorite song as loudly as you please using your own microphone (mine happened to be a hairbrush) like when you were a child and had no inhibitions and never felt foolish laughing out loud, dancing in public (my 2 year son likes doing it anywhere he happens to be) or giving an impromptu solo singing performance? Not very original of me but we have to start our Why Don't You posts sometime so why not now? Take care of yourself and one another.