Monday, September 12, 2011

Happiness is.....New Members!

I don't always do this but today I'd like to introduce two new members. Jani is a beautiful, accomplished and very funny woman, mother and friend who I know personally and I'm proud to say is my actual cousin. Show her some love everyone because you're life will be enriched just by knowing her.She actually enjoys my level of insanity and constant mishaps.  Libby, author of Artistic Expressions by Elizabeth is a new friend and you can visit her site by clicking her link under my fave blogs and websites. DO NOT GO to her site if you are remotely hungry. I warn you from experience. You will see food there that you will passionately wish to eat only to discover (if you're like me) A) fridge is empty except for some questionably old pulled pork, and B) I am not nearly as talented or inventive in the kitchen as Libby is. Plus she crochets very cool items. Not the ones you see at church rummage sales and wonder why the heck someone made this equally unidentifiable and hideously colored very thick scary item only to  find yourself  facing the sweet little soul who made it and before you know it you are toting your new (still unidentifiable because I was too much of a coward to ask her what is was used for) item home. Such is my life. Libby's items are desirable and absolutely fab. So stop on by and see her. Live and love well my friends!

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Libby said...

Hi Teresa! Thank you so much for your sweet words. :-) I must have needed to read this, as I took a short break from my yarn just now. I'm so glad you stopped by my Flickr photostream and left a comment on my blog. I look forward to watching your blog continue to grow and for a continued blogship. lol