Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Good Deeds:Contagious? I hope so!

I found this story and had to share it

27/09/2011/Jen/Hoffman Estates/USA
There is a grocery store that only takes cash or debit. The lady in front of me didn't know and was going to have to put her milk and bread back because she only had a credit card. I paid for her groceries. It was cheap and no big deal to me. I was surprised how much she thanked me! It should happen more often to people :)

This is the type of thing that this blog is about among other things. Yes, we all have to earn a paycheck one way or another and you'll see links to my jewelry and other artists work on this page. The woman who was the recipient of the good deed seemed quite overwhelmed by the fact that a stranger would pay for her items. I sincerely hope that she went away from that experience with a lighter heart and with a better feeling about the good that can be found in people every day. As for the woman who paid the bill, I've seen people totally get frustrated and once downright angry at a person who had to count change in order to pay for their items. Maybe you don't have the ability to pay for someone else's milk. That's not the point. There were two winners here and I applaud Jen Hoffman for what she did and I am sure she felt fabulous because it's very true that the giver gets the true gift. Give to someone today. Give a smile, give a hug, step a teensy bit out of your comfort zone and let someone go ahead of you in line, pay the toll for the car behind you as well as your own if you are in the position to do so. Give an ear to someone who could use it. I'm sure there are things like this happening every day so I don't presume to be the originator of any of these ideas. But do yourself a favor and help someone in some small or large way today. Until later, live well and take care of one another my friends! ~Teresa

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