Friday, October 7, 2011

AJewell Jewelry

Hello All! Today I'm excited to bring you the talented Jewelry artist, Ajewell. She is sharing with us from her home in Ireland! She's going to tell us about herself and her art and I invite you to stop by her shop and see the lovely gifts and jewelry she has for sale at great prices!
AJewell: Hi Teresa,good to hear from you.
Teresa: Its great to have you here. I'm always honored when artists or other folks want to be featured on my little (but steadily growing) blog! So tell us, how did you get started with your art:
AJewell: OK How i got started making jewellery,quite by accident but a happy one, went into a bead shop and couldn't leave without something, got advice from the shop worker who was there on that happy day. came home with some seed beads, headpins, earwires, and all the findings for a necklace and I was off! I found out how to make pieces from looking at photos on the net and I grew from there.
Teresa: Good for you! So many people allow themselves to be intimidated. Can you tell us about your motivation to create?
AJewell: What inspires me?Now that's a good one, because i feel great when I'm working on a new collection and have gotten in new beads, so it's a matter of where my head is at at that particular time, music playing in the background and just left to my own devices and creativity flows.
Teresa: I am completely with you on that! That's the way I do things. Can you think of what your favorite technique or project is:
AJewell: I love Italian glass beads at the moment but I'll work with any kind of bead I love. I love using the wire for necklaces and finding new ways to match up beads and colours. I plan a piece first by setting it out on the table and seeing how it looks, fixing it as I go until I'm happy with it and then it gets made.
Teresa: Very good technique! Any advice for someone interested in learning jewelry making?
Ajewell: My advice for fellow artists:
follow what you want to do, and work with materials that you love. It's very hard to work with something that means nothing to you.Something unusual.
I never thought I was creative at all, I found this out on that faithful day in the bead shop.
Teresa: Well you clearly misjudged your creative abilities going by the work I've seen of yours! What are your future goals for your art, your business?
Ajewell: Well, I now have a stall (what we here in the US  would call a stand or table in a marketplace) that I never ever thought of.  This time last year I didn't know anything about jewelery and now I live and sleep it. I started making pieces and it grew from there.  I found out through hard work and patience that you work with what you love, otherwise there's no point.  I'm in a stall at the moment and I've just been moved to a better spot. People love my pieces, I would love to have a small space set up for all my beads and hopefully a small old fashioned shop on one of the cobbled streets in my city centre. Now that would be cool!
Teresa: That sound so awesome! I'd love to see it someday! We wish you all the best and are glad you took the time to tell us your artist story. Thanks so much!
And blog readers and friends, please show some support by posting comments to this story and visiting AJewell at
Till next time friends, Live and love well and support a handmade artist! ;-) ~Teresa


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Noel said...

beautiful work

Michael said...

Love the Italian beads. cool