Saturday, October 15, 2011

Featured Artist Bernoullis Attic

 Hello Friends! I'd like to introduce a new artist named Susan who owns Bernoullis Attic, a really great shop on Handmade Artists Shop!
Teresa: Bernoullis Attic is a really novel store on Handmade Artists Shop. How do you describe what your arts are and your store?
The logo for Bernoulli’s Attic carries the saying “Handmade Oddments and Whimsies” and that is really what the shop is about.  There’s a little bit of everything in the Attic, from crochet to handmade soaps, but the bulk of the offerings are crocheted items.  Many (most, actually) of my items are my own patterns and designs.  You can find everything from bath accessories to scarves to stuffed animals.  If you’ve got something in mind, just let me know and we can probably figure out how to make it.
I have just opened a second shop, called Paper Imaginations by Bernoulli’s Attic to handle greeting cards, gift tags and anything else you can make from paper and imagination.  This was mostly a housekeeping decision…the cards were taking over the original Bernoulli’s Attic shop!
Teresa: You have more than one art that you are quite talented at. Do you have a favorite and if so what makes it your favorite?
If you’ve seen my shops, you’ll have noticed that I work in many different craft areas.  Crochet, scrapbooking/card making and jewelry are the predominate ones, but I love to make soap, wreaths, and do decorative painting as well.  I love to crochet because after about 40 years of practice, there’s not much that I can’t make and I find it to be relaxing, almost meditative.  Card making is fast becoming my favorite hobby, however. I can’t draw very well, so it lets me get creative designs out into the world using paper, ribbon, embellishments and imagination.  Right now, I’ve gotten into using a paper folding technique called “Teabag Folding,” which makes 3 dimensional shapes that I use on cards and such.
Teresa: How long have you been an artist and when did you decide to go public with it and into selling it?
I have always had a creative side, but never pursued it steadily until 2010.  I was taught to crochet as a child by my grandmother and a family friend, but never really thought of it as an “art”.  It was more something to do to keep busy (and keep the family in potholders).  I spent 20+ years in the engineering world, but kept up with crocheting and other crafts as things caught my interest and time permitted.  While I always thought it would be fun and rewarding to be able to craft full time, my practical side expressed concern over #1: what to do with all these creations and #2:  how to pay for my obsessions. (I guess you can take the girl out of business, but…). I decided to form a company, Bernoulli’s Attic, to market my items.  I began full time crafting in 2010 and Bernoulli’s Attic began on-line selling in January of 2011. My second on-line shop Paper Imaginations by Bernoulli’s Attic just opened earlier this month.
Teresa: What advice do you give to anyone interested in your particular arts and selling their art in general?
I have two piece of advice for anyone who wants to engage in the handmade goods business.  First, from a business perspective:  Do a reality check.  If you’re just starting out and plan on feeding a family of 5 with the proceeds from selling your handmade feather dusters online, do your research.  It may work, but you need to know you have a market (and a fall back plan).
The second piece of advice is actually the most important.  It’s more from a philosophical viewpoint:  Don’t take yourself too seriously.  Yes, it’s a business and it’s your creativity being put out there.  It’s also a world full of people with differing ideas and opinions, and not everyone will see things the way you do.  I put a high value on serenity and peace of mind, which are things that crafting gives me.  Some may think I am wasting time and other talents.  Some may not see any use for my products and believe “store bought” is better.  Remember, that’s their opinion. I do not defend my pursuits or my creations.  I just know that what I do, I do for me and it makes me happy.  Sales and approval are nice (and to a degree, necessary), but that’s not what makes me wake up in the morning ready to try out a new idea.  That’s love for what I do.
Teresa: What are your hopes for Bernoullis Attic?
I’d like for Bernoulli’s Attic, along with Paper Imaginations by Bernoulli’s Attic,  to become an on-line version of a little brick-and-mortar store that people feel comfortable just popping by to say “hi”, share the latest buzz and see what’s new.  It’s not just about the on-line selling, but about the on-line presence.  Bernoulli’s Attic has a Facebook page and Twitter account, where I have made contacts and friends that I look forward to hearing from each day.  We celebrate the ups and downs of our businesses and our lives, and offer support and encouragement.  I love to hear from folks who have questions about my products or are looking for something special.  It really does brighten my day to know someone is looking.  Everyone should feel free to drop by and say hi via Facebook (, Twitter at ( or my webpage at

Teresa: And the usual, one funny, unusual or interesting thing about yourself that you don\'t mind sharing! ( I\'ve gotten some pretty good ones when I ask this!)

People usually wonder about the name Bernoulli’s Attic, and I’ll admit it’s a bit strange.  First, I am a cat person. Second, I am an engineer.  Third, I’m a little weird.  Having said that, meet Bernoulli, the namesake and feline patron saint of Bernoulli's Attic. 

Description: Description: C:\Users\Bernoulli's Attic\Pictures\my cats\Nooulli on bed.jpg
Yes, the company is named after my cat (who was named after the Swiss physicist, Daniel Bernoulli, who did all kinds of cool engineering stuff).  Though she has gone on to that Great Litterbox in the Sky, she lives on in spirit (and the occasional dust bunny hairball) around here.  She was a great supervisor, always checking out the newest products and giving her opinion.  She could purr louder than any cat I've known and did a great impression of an aggravated Ewok when annoyed.

But I don’t lack for supervision these days.  Currently Albert Einstein and Madame Curie are the reigning felines here at Bernoulli's Attic.  Madam Curie, or the Divine Miss M as she likes to be called, is the newest addition to the Bernoulli's Attic family.  When she's not polishing her tiara, she is a very paws on helper (I'm still looking for a crochet flower she took off with).  Albie Einstein just hangs around and offers moral support and the occasional kitty ankle rub. 

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