Thursday, September 1, 2011

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Hello All! In my attempts to learn how to be a better blogger (I'm new remember?) I've added a new way for you to follow the blog by clicking the title of this post. Thanks to the people who are reading whether they join or not and thanks to those who have joined. I plan to add a Lovely's post at least once a week so look out for that. It's a fun way to celebrate others and to sometimes gift someone with something I've made, upcycled or designed. Celebrate yourself today! Why don't you try....singing your favorite song as loudly as you please using your own microphone (mine happened to be a hairbrush) like when you were a child and had no inhibitions and never felt foolish laughing out loud, dancing in public (my 2 year son likes doing it anywhere he happens to be) or giving an impromptu solo singing performance? Not very original of me but we have to start our Why Don't You posts sometime so why not now? Take care of yourself and one another.

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4His Glory Creations by CJ said...

Thanks Teresa for the invite to your blog. Your work is amazing.