Saturday, September 10, 2011

Upcoming Events

Hello again. I want to let everyone know that the Frugal Cachet will be featuring Teresa Caine Jewelry Designs at an after hours event. We are planning on getting a good crowd of jewelry, wine and cheese lovers. Part of the proceeds from this event will go to support my favorite local charity, First Assembly of God mens and womens shelters. We will be sending out email as well and traditional invites and every invitee is encouraged to bring 1-2 friends.

Now with that out of the way I want to address a few things that possibly no one but me cares about but I shall share them anyway. I found out two shockingly bad pieces of news in the past two days. Both were suicide attempts and one was successful. This has shook me all day. I'm not saying anything more could have been done in either situation because I'd never presume to think I know the inside story. What I am saying is that none of us know what others are going through. We don't know why that person seemed rude at the grocery store, why someone cut you off in traffic, why someone at work is perpetually moody or unfriendly.  That co-worker/fellow shopper/ driver could be in an abusive relationship, possibly watching a loved on die from a horrible disease, or be dealing with any number of terrible issues we don't think about at the moment when they are rude to us. That's only human. All I'm asking is, even if its just for one day, please think about that unpleasant encounter and try giving the benefit of the doubt. Let it pass. If you will, turn the other cheek. And if you're feeling really good, look a little closer and see if some small gesture of kindness, a smile, a how are you etc. makes a difference. Letting others know we care makes a difference in almost every situation. and caring about others and small acts of kindness make us better people.

And yes, I acknowledge that there are just some rude, selfish and downright nasty folks out there but we can't let them ruin how we treat every stranger we meet. Live well today. You'll reap the benefits in your own life. ;-)

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