Monday, September 19, 2011

What would you do

My son just told me about a situation that arose at his job at the end of tonight's shift. Apparently a man who was homeless and clearly mentally ill walked into the restaurant, seated himself and when the waitress approached he only said "coffee". Unsure of how to deal with the situation (the gentleman was carrying on a vivid conversation with himself seeming to be dealing with multiple personalities) the waitress alerted the owner, Carla, who showed great compassion and humanity by serving him a coffee and a meal free of charge.
Most upscale restaurants like this one, Gennaro's on 2nd Street in Historic Downtown Fernandina would have escorted him out, at best, or had him arrested at worst. I am not condemning restaurants that take that path. But, Carla showed love and compassion for a fellow human being who clearly needed help and food. I'm writing this to say how moved I was by the way my son told me the story and the happy tear I shed when I said "so I guess they called the police?" which is what was done at his last job when a very similar situation arose. He said "no Mom, Carla came out, watched him for a minute and then took care of him". Let me state now that Gennaro's is in the business of SELLING food and NOT GIVING it away so this is in no way meant to encourage anyone to go there expecting a free meal. Rather, I'm writing this to showcase someone who did something I think was awesome, unselfish, loving and full of compassion. Carla is our hero of the day. Ask yourself if you would have done the same thing. Most people recoil from people who seem abnormal simply because you never know if that person is dangerous, etc. In doing what she did, she showed my son and the other young people working there a good example. Carla didn't react with fear or revulsion but instead acted out of the goodness of her heart and for that I give her a round of applause! Take care of one another, my friends.

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