Saturday, September 24, 2011

Susie Q Bath and Body

Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to be doing our first artist feature today! It is with Susie Q Bath and Body from the Handmade Artists Shop and if you click on the lovely picture of the Body oils in the Reusable tin to the right of this story it will take you directly to her shop. I shopped SusieQ's and found a great variety of bath and body products for both women and men in prices that were definitely affordable! I found items priced from $5.50 to $28.00 for the Scented Locket that I just loved! So here we go with our first artist interview
Teresa: Hi Susan, how would you describe your product and your shop to our readers ?
SusieQ: I feature all Handmade bath and body products for men and women.
Teresa: Can you tell us a little about how and when you got started?
Susie Q: In 2005 I started to make body sprays for my young teenage daughter at that time to save some money. I made my first goats milk soap and it quickly turned into a passion and an addiction. In March of 2010 I opened my Etsy shop.
Teresa: That must have been exciting for you. Can you tell us which of the many products you now make and market is your favorite?
SusieQ: That is one hard for me to say. Any soap, my shower is full of them. My face does love my Nourishing Under Eye Cream that I use as an all over facial cream.
Teresa: Oooh, I think I'd like to try that! Ok SusieQ can you tell us one interesting, fun or out-of-the ordinary fact about yourself (only if you are comfortable sharing like, "I'm ambidextrous" or "I also raise Llamas" Lol
Susie Q: I have to vaccum my carpets daily, it drives me nuts to see lint or anything on the floor!
Teresa: Oh I'm with you on that one! Finally, is there anything else you'd like to tell us like maybe your plans for SusieQ Bath and Body or a future goal for your business?
SusieQ: My job is being a stay at home mom! I would love for Susie Q\'s to continue to grow, but I need to continue to work on balancing family and business.
Teresa: Thanks for sharing that with us. As a mother/business owner myself I can fully understand the balancing act of making and marketing your art and taking good care of your family. There are often just not enough hours in the day! You're doing great Susan.Thanks for your interview and keep up the good work!
And for everyone else, stop by Susie Q's Bath and Body for great products for yourself, christmas/any occasion gifts or just to have in your home! Until next time, Live and Love well today My friends!

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